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Residence is a safe place to live. However, this does not come by passively. It takes active community members to ensure that our buildings are safe and secure throughout the year. It is important for you to be educated and aware of the precautions and preventive measures you can take. By doing this you are better able to ensure a safe living place for yourself, your roommates and your neighbours.

Emergency Contact

Campus Security 250-807-8111
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As you can imagine there are often many people coming and going from our residence halls. As well, our residents typically have many items in their possession that may be attractive to a thief (laptops, bikes, dvd/cds, money). Protect your valuables by keeping them out of sight and keeping your doors and windows locked when you are not there. Valuables can be very quickly taken when rooms are left unattended and unlocked for even just five minutes while residents go to the bathroom, lounge or laundry room. It is highly suggested that you obtain insurance for any valuable belongings. As well, taking pictures and record any traceable serial numbers might also assist investigators should a theft occur. If a theft does occur please contact your Residence Advisor or one of the Residence Life Managers.

Residence Security

We can keep this residence as safe and private as possible by cooperating with each other. Residents and their families should realize that residences are living areas, with no exceptional provision for safeguarding women or men. The University cannot assume responsibility for security beyond normal provisions. You have to assume part of the responsibility for everyone's security by closing and locking doors and by not losing or lending keys or door cards. Students who lose their keys will be charged for a cylinder and key replacement. Please do not open the doors of your residence for persons you do not know. Doors propped open or left unlocked for roommates, friends or deliveries endangers the belongings and safety of everyone that lives in your residence. Consider some of these safety measures:

What Can You Do...
  • Do not walk home alone from campus after dark. Be careful where you walk, and avoid unlit areas.
  • Always lock your room door and ground floor windows when you're sleeping, when you leave your room or when you're alone.
  • Do not let strangers into your unit or room.
  • Keep photocopies of all your identification, credit cards, anything that would have to be replaced if your wallet or purse were taken. It may make your life much easier if you need to replace them.
  • Don't leave valuables or your wallet in plain view in your room or your car. And don't keep large amounts of cash in your room.
  • Purchase a security lock for your laptop.
  • Ensure your belongings are covered by private insurance and rent a safety deposit box to secure your real valuables.

We pride ourselves with ensuring the safety and security in our residence halls. Our Residence Advisors complete rounds of the buildings nightly to ensure that all access doors are secure and that there are no safety hazards. However, your participation and commitment to safety in our community is key. We count on our residents to help ensure a safe environment. If you suspect suspicious activity please contact a Residence Advisor or Campus Security immediately. Or if you have a concern regarding safety/security please contact one of the Residence Life Managers. Being educated and aware is the most proactive measure you can take to stay safe in residence.


In Case of Fire
  • pull the nearest fire alarm,
  • get away from the fire,
  • if you have time telephone 911.
  • once outside of the building find an RA to let them know any information
When You Hear a Fire Alarm
  • leave your room
  • close the doors behind you
  • evacuate the building by using the stairs and NOT the elevator
  • stay calm and wait for further instruction

On the first day you move into residence, identify the location of the nearest fire exit. Think about how you would get to that exit if your area were filled with thick black smoke. Count the number of door frames between your room and the exit. Get a good mental picture of what everything looks like. Imagine having to get to that exit blindfolded. Approved extinguishers are located in the common areas as directed by the Fire Department. Please acquaint yourself with their location and use.

Tampering with fire safety equipment is strictly prohibited and may result in eviction from residence as it endangers the lives of others.

Emergencies in Residence

Although few, emergencies do occasionally happen within residence. In order to respond effectively to these situations we have established specific protocols and procedures. As well, our Residence Advisors are trained in a number of areas and are certified in First Aid and CPR. The Residence Advisors are on an on call system where they can be reached by residents. Procedures on how to contact an RA on call is available at the Housing office or front lobby of the building. As well when a situation occurs in residence a number of other resources are available to respond and provide support. These supports include the Residence Life Manager, General Manager of Student Housing and Hospitality Services, Campus Security and the Kelowna RCMP. When a situation arises our staff will use discretion and uphold as much privacy as possible. It is also important to note that information will NOT be released to anyone without the consent of the resident(s) involved. Any exception to this will be decided on by the Director-Student Housing and Hospitality Services.

What to do in an emergency situation:
  • Find help - call 911 or find a Residence Advisor
  • Assess the situation, report any information to emergency responders (location, nature of incident, name, etc...)
  • Stay calm
  • Wait for further instruction from emergency personnel or staff

Room Entry

Authorized personnel of the University may enter your accommodation, without prior notice, for reasons of health, safety or general community welfare, or to make repairs and deliveries to the room and room equipment, or to inspect the premises, or to investigate possible breaches of this Contract.

We value your privacy therefore when possible 24 hours notice will be given to an accommodation holder. Residence Life Staff will not access an accommodation unless permission has been granted by the Residence Life Manager. Please note if a work order has been placed this is viewed as permission to access a unit.


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